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Mechanical engineer with more than 15 years of experience in Operational Excellence, I help you, conscious leaders to transform and re-boost your business.

My name is Marie-Philippe Vanheems
People-Centric Business Transformer, Purpose Developer & Cash-Flow Maker!
Let me unleash your superpowers and the one from your team and your business: that is my purpose!

My motto

“Your problems are my problems”


of a Business transformation SUCCESS is coming from people engagement. The remaining is coming from methods & tools!

In Operational Excellence, we work on excelling in the 3Ps (People-Purpose-Process) to make a smooth and significant change in your business. But here are the main 3 issues today:


Only 30% of people are truly engaged according to the Gallup survey of 2018 (and this number is the same in Switzerland and European countries). What about you? what about your team?


To engage your team, your purpose (your origin) and your vision (where you want to go) should resonate with you and your team. These should be crystal clear as well as the link with all your initiatives. However, this is the number 1 ops challenge today for leaders according to the PEX Survey of 2019! I always start with this step in my practice.


Last but not least, 69% of companies are planning to invest in Artificial Intelligence in the next 3 years to optimize their processes. I make sure the digitization is creating value for your people and your business.

Let’s tackle these issues together:


 Business Transformer


Obj: implement successfully your Business Transformation aligned with your purpose.

Phase 1 – Assessment of actual vs. ideal

Phase 2 – Purpose workshop

Phase 3- Implement

I work on a 6-months cycle (about 1 week per month on-site) renewable.

Remember you and your team should be fully autonomous after the period


Interim or Full-Time


Obj: boost your business and your team by hiring me as interim or full-time for the following positions:

– SME / Startups CEO

– SME / Startups COO

– Operational Excellence Manager / Director

– Manufacturing Manager / Director




Trainer & Coach

Obj: develop internal capabilities & be(come) joyful day-to-day 

I can train and coach you and your team on most of Operational Excellence behaviors, methods and tools (lean, TPM & Six Sigma)

My actual  popular workshops are:

“Leading from purpose” (2 days workshop)

“Jumpstart your WHY” (6Hrs individual or group coaching)


An introduction video about my work and operational excellence:



Ready to reach the next level?

Let’s unleash your Superpowers and the Cash will flow

About Marie-Philippe

As Obelix who felt into the magic position when he was little, I had the chance to fell into operational excellence in my early engineer’s days and gradually became a catalyzer in significant business transformations during the last 15 years.

For the record, the last four years the OpEx journey under my leadership led to 3 to 4 % of cost savings (Savings >25M€) in addition to achieving outstanding sustainable business results.

One of these achievements was recognized in 2017 by the Award of the Most Improved Plant.

So what is the secret?

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 Marie-Philippe Vanheems

Your business is transitioning toward digitalization and stakeholders satisfaction to be more profitable. Your stakeholders are your customers, your employees from all generations and our planet. My mission is to make your transition a success.

 “You trust your health to doctors, you should trust your business to Marie-Philippe”

Dave M. Sherry
COO Riverside


“Not only will you overachieve your goals but you will also appreciate the engagement Marie-Philippe creates around her and her projects. What an energy!”

Valerie Baschet
Founder Coherence


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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”

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Marie-Philippe Vanheems

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