Operational Excellence Executive

As Obelix who felt into the magic potion when he was little, I had the chance to fell into operational excellence in my early engineers’ days and gradually became the catalyser in significant business transformations during the last 15 years.

For the record, the last four years the OpEx journey under my leadership led to 3 to 4 % of cost savings (Savings >25M€) in addition to achieving outstanding sustainable business results.

One of these achievements was recognized in 2017 by the Award of the Most Improved Plant.

So what is the secret?

Philanthropic & Digital Visionary

After I deep dove into the major methods and tools in Lean, TPM and Six Sigma, I realized that not only is the Process important but the Purpose and the People as well.

To be an agile and successful business, people engagement, servant leadership and digitization have been included in my consultancy practice I LOVE OPEX.

My OpEx model reflects the transition from Shareholders’ satisfactions to Stakeholders’ satisfactions first, with stakeholders being your customers, your employees from ALL generations and our planet.

Unleash your Superpowers for these just causes and the cash will flow.


My mission is also to shape and share the future of Operational Excellence and implement it in progressive organizations.

My thirst of learning, sharing and caring led to the creation of the I Love OpEX Community in October 2019.

I am collaborating constantly with international experts and influencers (e.g. “Gemba Walk Deep Dive” participant for the  research case  funded by the EPFL in 2018 by Lean Analytics, Speaker at the European Business Transformation in Amsterdam in 2019).

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Eat, connect, art & surf

Yes I have been visiting and working in more than 50 countries.

Be connected with you,  my friends and family is essential; so I have designed my life to spend quality time with them and express joy through my passions:

OPEX, innovation, creativity, water sports, everyday fitness, food discovery, electronic music, art, cinema, literature, philosophy and human dynamics….

I dare to have fun in everything I do!

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Marie-Philippe Vanheems

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