WHY I LOVE OPEX Community?

As leaders, we are so focused on the day-to-day enjoyable work that we do not have so many opportunities to master what is new “out there”.The community has for purpose to SHARE our knowledge AND SHAPE the future of OPEX in a structured and fun way TOGETHER. We have so much to learn from YOU. JOIN THE I LOVE OPEX COMMUNITY HERE

HOW the Community will work?

We will apply the OpEx principle within the community meaning each of us will have a voice to choose the relevant topics and to define our communication channels. I will coordinate the community. As a first step, if you become a member from 2019, you will receive a survey to “catch your voice. Otherwise, you will jump into the community. But do not worry you will have a chance to express yourself.

WHAT the  Community will be about?

OpEx is supporting the challenges of 2020: People safety, Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, Servant Leadership, People Development, Digitalization, SMARTer processes, and much more. Indeed, you are the one who will lead!

WHO should join the I LOVE OPEX Community?

OpEx is supporting the challenges of 2020:
For YOU, who would like to share your experiences and shape together the future of OpEx
The community is open to all of YOU,
– living on Earth
– as an Adult
– from all functions at all levels (not only manufacturing!!!! but ALL )
– speaking and/or writing English
– from Gen Z to …
– sharing the I LOVE OPEX core values

The official release of our I LOVE OPEX community will be done during the Business Transformation Week in Amsterdam beginning of October 2019 and its activities will start in January 2020.

Come and join us

Marie-Philippe Vanheems

I Love OPEX Community Founder

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