How to make better decisions faster?

This article is the third one out of a series: How to make better decisions faster? TIP 3. Why? To make your business agile. For this TIP number three example, let’s go on vacation with a group of people. And yes, let’s make your vacation the happiest one.

We have all ended up on vacation with either a group of strangers or friends or possibly even our family. And yet, despite the love and respect you have for your vacation party, you find yourself making unexpected choices for unusual, albeit specific, situations.

Presently, you are wondering why you decided to be placing incense in front of a monkey statue at 1 pm under a burning sun instead of lying under a white parasol in a Beach club drinking a Mojito.

To make the best decision at the right time that results in your happiest vacation ever: how is this possible?

I will take the example of a company that coordinates a special and specific type of “vacation”, and as a recent participant of, called Unsettled

Let’s first refresh with tip number one on how to make better decisions faster?

Create a meaningful vision (your WHY), mission, and objectives that your whole organization can relate to and act on as ONE team

Regarding Unsettled:

“Unsettled is a global travel community for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. Our mission is to inspire a lifelong pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure through travel and shared experiences

As a company, making the WHY clear to EVERYBODY, such as WHY are we going on vacation, will help you to avoid where you don’t want to be.

If you are in a state to mind where you need profound conversation and interaction while longing to grow and develop yourself, you would likely not choose a place out of superficial rationale.

You’d probably choose to immerse yourself into a community of like-mindedness for the all-around experience including shared purpose.

It is still not enough to have a common purpose; let’s first refresh with tip number two: on how to make better decisions faster?

Set the right processes to be better and faster in decision making.

To achieve this mission, Unsettled is making sure that you have everything you need to be able to. That is why the process is fluid.

For example, arrivals set the tone that you are well taken care of, such as a new employee in a new firm.

You receive the house rules to be able to live amongst the community while establishing group safety and security.

For logistics, you receive a local SIM card to connect your phone to the new location and login to the group-shared  Slack application.

From the app, you can see general information for all, but can also personalize by your own interests (for me it is #surfing # meditation # eating&drinking etc..).

You receive booklets with local information, including WIFI connections, etc.

You are trained on the tools and processes to “embrace the unknown”.


What else is needed?

That is the TIP number three: Give full autonomy and a trusted place to your PEOPLE

1- Put the right people in the right place: Diversity is a key factor.

How to make better decisions faster?

Put the right people in the right place: Diversity is a key factor.

Putting the right person in the right place is key. It seems logical, but here everybody has a talent or something to share. I would reinforce diversity meaning not only cultural and gender mixes but also, having different “types” of people in the team.

For example, if you put only reflective and abstract people together, it could take a while for the group to reach a decision… A great mix of people ranges between pragmatic, realistic, creative and reflexive.

This combination will ensure a 360-degree perspective for making the right decision.

At Unsettled, the international group is diverse with life experiences and skills. The challenge is to take advantage of this luxurious melting pot.

Each of us within the group can facilitate our own workshop and share our knowledge with one another. However, even participation is not mandatory as it has to be aligned with your own purpose.

It aligned for me to lead a “Clarity and Purpose” workshop. Tomorrow, I am following the First Aid workshop with Amanda. I think it will be useful for me to know how to save a life, too 🙂

Diversity is the key of innovation and agility

2- Make them accountable and be a Servant Leader yourself

How to make better decisions faster?

Make them accountable and be a Servant Leader yourself

That is the hardest part today. Reflect on yourself by asking this:

Are you always present at regular meetings?

If yes, how much % of the talking are you doing during these meetings? If this is more than 20%, work on how you could coach your team to build the trust you need to “let it go”. Here again, your OpEx coach should help you, as she/he is your personal coach.

At Unsettled, we have an Experience Manager available to the group to help facilitate the best experience possible. In the end, I would not call the position manager but rather a leader because she is here when we need it and only that. She is able to put a circle of TRUST around herself, allowing the group to give feedback openly. There are experiences that have ranged from “the good, the bad, and the ugly”.

Decisions to make changes are not only individual ones but must benefit the group and community.

The place of work is just as important as to how safe the environment around your team feels. This setting encourages the team to exchange opinions and information in a healthy way.

A Servant Leader determines how big the circle of safety is, thus creating an environment of TRUST:

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Marie-Philippe Vanheems

I Love OPEX – Operational Excellence is a passion


Special thanks to Amanda Egloff for her precious EN corrections.

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